Our Story

LeanPath was founded in 2004 by a team of Portland, Oregon-based entrepreneurs who set out to make a difference. Business professional Andrew Shakman, alongside hardware engineer Bill Leppo and technologist Stephen Rogers, discovered early in their research of the foodservice industry that most organizations were leaking money in the form of food waste.

At the time, food waste was an issue that received little to no attention. Most foodservice organizations had never even thought about trying to measure waste, and the leading operators who were attempting to manage the issue were mostly doing so with an inefficient “paper and clipboard” approach. The founders of LeanPath knew they could do better and sought out to create the industry’s first fully automated food waste tracking system.

The initial goal was to help organizations with financial sustainability, which was later coupled with the goal for environmental sustainability and protecting Earth’s precious resources. LeanPath has now been helping foodservice organizations fight food waste for 10 years, working with more than 150 operations.