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See why so many foodservice and hospitality leaders use Leanpath


Because global accounts need a turnkey solution that deploys at scale.

“We realized strong results—a 50% overall reduction in food waste–across the pilot locations in healthcare, higher education and business dining.”

Kathy Cacciola
Vice President, Enterprise Sustainability

"As the leader of a department, you have more data through Leanpath [than with manual tracking], and you didn't have to spend time putting it together. Leanpath helps you run your business better."

Admir Pavlovic
Food Operations Manager
IKEA West Chester

“Today we have 129 cafes participating in the Leanpath program across 11 countries. Since the start of the partnership, these efforts have saved a total of three million pounds of food.”

Kristen Rainey
Global Procurement & Resources Utilization Manager

“This is very intuitive and simple to use. It is artfully easy to set up and my team quickly adapted to its process, I am counting hours, not days. I commend you for this program."

Rodolfo Volpe
Executive Chef
International Monetary Fund (Sodexo)

“Innovative start-up technology solutions such as the Leanpath food waste tracking and analytics platform are proving critical to the momentum currently powering the food waste revolution.”

Neil Barrett
Senior Vice President of Corporate Responsibility

IKEA Switzerland - Lyssach

50% food waste reduction in 1 year.
Engaging staff and adjusting production.

IKEA USA - Burbank

Why you have to know what you’re wasting.
And how it drives food waste prevention.

Hospitality / Gaming

Because fast-paced hotel F&B operations require an efficient solution.

"The biggest surprise has been how my team, from stewards to cooks, really latched onto [reducing food waste]. Not only did they embrace it, they started making recommendations.”

Charles Charbonneau
Executive Chef
Hilton Hawaiian Village

"We [talk to staff about] how much it means as an environmental and community service. We have huge staff engagement."

Ryan Hetherington
Executive Sous Chef
Hilton San Diego Bayfront

"It takes a huge task and makes it simple. This is valuable data that most companies do not have. It helps point out areas for improvement with in the operation."

Deandre Frost
Assistant Executive Chef
Penn Gaming, Boomtown Casino

“The whole exercise has bolstered our competitive edge. Not having to increase our prices to compensate for cost of goods: that’s given us a head start above our competitors.”

Sean Collins
Executive Chef
Novotel Brisbane

Novotel Brisbane

66% reduction in food waste.
How to drive big cuts at the breakfast buffet.

The Ritz-Carlton

54% reduction in food waste.
Leanpath data showed a quick and profitable win for the team.

Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa Edinburgh

64% reduction in food waste.
Success targeting staff dining.

Preventing Food Waste at the Buffet

A Guide for Chefs and Managers

Hotel Alfonso XIII Seville

66% reduction in food waste.
Bringing focus to production levels.


Because complex food and nutrition departments need an easy answer to food waste.

"We've had phenomenal success... to the tune of saving $200,000 on food supplies, by far through the efforts of Leanpath."

Kris Ankeny
Director of Food and Nutrition Services
Reid Health

“Great tool that is the easiest most effective method to track and reduce waste.”

Cody Williams
Food Operations Manager
Providence Regional Medical Center

“Our staff are fully engaged in this process. As we reduce waste, we are not only saving money but enriching the lives of our patients, staff and communities.”

Sara Ashbeck
Foodservice Program Director
Gundersen Health System

"Leanpath heightens staff awareness instantly and creates a culture of staff wanting to find more efficient ways to do their job. We have reduced inventory, waste and purchasing. A tremendous program."

Trenton Horrocks
Director, Food & Nutrition Services
St. Luke’s Medical Center, Boise


Building a team to prevent food waste.
How to drive down waste in healthcare.

Gundersen Health Systems

Driving down a half ton of waste a week.
How simple changes drove big impacts.

College & University

Because dining services need sustainable solutions.

“Leanpath was critical in helping pinpoint the time of day and stations where waste was occurring. In less than one year we reduced pre-consumer food waste by 49% year-over-year and lowered plate cost significantly.”

Caitlin McClanahan
Sustainability Manager
Berea College

“Leanpath is easy. It doesn’t take a lot of training. And you get the information you need without having to calculate it yourself. At the end of the year it’s amazing to see how much waste we’ve reduced.”

Cheryl Bauer
Associate Director of Sourcing & Sustainability
University of Notre Dame

“The staff really like the technology. It’s made it easier and quicker to report [compared to manual tracking]. It is nice to pull the reports and identify where to focus our attention.”

Sara Royce
General Manager, Aramark
Arizona State University

“If you give Leanpath a shot, it will open your eyes. It lets the individuals understand their food waste, as opposed to just letting waste go into the garbage.”

Bill Lacy
Foodservice Director, Aramark
US Coast Guard Academy

Arizona State University

74k meals saved.
How Arizona State University built a more efficient kitchen.

University of Illinois

63% reduction in food waste.
From tackling the salad bar to retraining.
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