Prevent food waste and
cut food purchase costs
reduce carbon emissions
be more efficient
inspire kitchen teams

Foodservice organizations across the world use Leanpath to measure
and prevent food waste—saving time, money and the environment.

Trusted by 4,000+ kitchens of all sizes from hospitals, universities and hotels to global foodservice organizations

Everything you need to make food waste prevention and
measurement everyday practice in your operation

Change wasteful habits kitchen by kitchen

Every kitchen has food waste. To prevent as much waste as possible we implement a proven process that allows you to Track, Discover, and Drive lasting change.


…food waste to under-stand what is being wasted and why.


…opportunites to
prevent that waste going


…lasting results through
science-based behaviorial
change techniques.

“Our chefs teach the Leanpath system just like they teach any other part of daily practice in the kitchen. Food waste prevention has become a habit that teams hold each other accountable for.”
Tony Pignagrande
Senior Executive Chef
Harvest Table Culinary Group

Rollout multi-site and global programs

Leanpath has guided the largest food waste tracking deployments in the foodservice industry. We operate in over 45 countries and can guide you to achieving large-scale sustainability and financial goals.

Define Strategies

We’ll help you define achievable goals and guide you to success.

Deploy with Confidence

Have full visibility into your
deployement, from the
kitchen to country level.

Monitor Success

Detailed multi-site reporting provides clarity on program success.

“Sodexo has set aggressive goals around reducing our food loss and waste—50% by 2025. Leanpath has been a vital partner in creating innovative ways for us to meet those goals.”
Nell Fry
Sr Manager of Sustainability

Foodservice organizations are more efficient and profitable with Leanpath

50%+ reduction

in food waste


within one year

2-6% reduction

in food purchase costs

Mission-driven toward global change...

Leanpath is a B Corporation on a mission to make food waste measurement and prevention everyday practice in the world’s kitchens. We work with thousands of kitchens in over 45 countries.

100 million meals

kept in the food system

...with an abiding culinary focus

We partner with the world’s largest food service and hospitality organizations, but we never lose sight that food waste prevention is in the hands of the kitchen crews. Our innovative solutions make them more efficient and their work more impactful.

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