Every kitchen has food waste.
Take control of yours.

Empower your culinary team   ///   Prevent 50% of your food waste   ///   Cut purchasing costs 2-8%
Leanpath Clients
Colchester Garrison, United Kingdom

Working with thousands of kitchens around the world,
Leanpath prevents 1 pound of food waste every 2 seconds.

(Total pounds prevented since 2014 alone.)


Technology that makes food waste data collection easy.

Using our foodservice-grade scales and touchscreen interface, food waste is weighed and tracked. Data is compiled and analysed. Suddenly you have full visibility into your food waste stream.

Data that drives clear decision making.

Armed with clear, actionable data, and guided by Leanpath coaching, Leanpath clients are able to make strategic adjustments to prep and production that prevent food waste from happening.

A team dedicated to your success.

Leanpath’s team of culinary and sustainability professionals deliver deep foodservice experience and expertise in food waste prevention. We work directly with clients to share best practices gleaned from over a decade of food waste analysis. We are passionate about our clients’ success.

A Kitchen-to-Corner-Office Solution

For Chefs
You care about food waste as much as we do. We’ll help make your kitchen even more efficient.
"The biggest surprise has been how my team, from stewards to cooks, really latched onto [reducing food waste]. Not only did they embrace it, they started making recommendations.”

Charles Charbonneau
Executive Chef
Hilton Hawaiian Village

For Managers
You work hard managing budgets. Get 3-4X ROI and higher within one year with Leanpath.
"We've had phenomenal success... to the tune of saving $200,000 on food supplies, by far through the efforts of Leanpath."

Kris Ankeny
Director of Food and Nutrition Services
Reid Health

For Sustainability
We deliver real environmental and social impact with hard numbers to prove it.
“We realized strong results—a 50% overall reduction in food waste–across the pilot locations in healthcare, higher education and business dining.”

Kathy Cacciola
Senior Director for Environmental Sustainability

For Procurement
Our solutions enable business leaders of high-volume, multi-unit operations to capture significant margin gains which add up quickly at scale.
“Today we have 129 cafes participating in the Leanpath program across 11 countries. Since the start of the partnership, these efforts have saved a total of three million pounds of food.”

Kristen Rainey
Global Procurement & Resources Utilization Manager

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Results that speak for themselves.

Working in 33 countries in every foodservice segment.

An average 50% reduction in food waste per site.

An average 2-8% reduction in food purchases.

3-4X ROI on Leanpath purchase.

Take control of your food waste.