Every Kitchen
Every kitchen has food waste.
Take control of yours.

Empower your culinary team /// Prevent 50% of your food waste /// Cut purchasing costs 2-8%

Urgency Webinar
Food Waste and the
Global Labor Shortage

Understanding the connection
between wasted food and wasted labor

5 tips to avoid food waste
when labor is tight

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Technology that makes food waste data collection easy

Leanpath food waste tracking solutions make it simple to weigh and track all your food waste. Data is compiled and analyzed. Suddenly you have full visibility into your food waste stream.

Learn about the 360-AI, our new artificial intelligence-powered food waste Tracker.

Data that drives clear decision making

Armed with clear, actionable data, and guided by Leanpath coaching, Leanpath clients are able to make strategic adjustments to prep and production that prevent food waste from happening.

Food Waste Prevention with Leanpath
The Ritz-Carlton
54% Reduction in food waste
Located just outside Washington, DC, The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City is part of the global Marriott brand, which has committed to reducing its food waste by 50% by 2025. Working with Leanpath, Pentagon City has already exceeded that goal.
Google Cafes
Google Cafes
3 Million pounds of food saved
Today Google has 129 cafes participating in the Leanpath program across 11 countries. Since the start of the partnership, these efforts have saved a total of three million pounds of food from going to the landfill.
Sodexo’s WasteWatch Powered by Leanpath
A global program’s success
Sodexo automated its food waste tracking program, WasteWatch, creating WasteWatch powered by Leanpath. It is rolling the program out to 3,000 sites worldwide. We visited two U.S. sites to understand their success in preventing food waste with Leanpath.
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Results that speak for themselves

Working in over 40 countries in every foodservice segment.

An average 50% reduction in food waste per site.

An average 2-8% reduction in food purchases.

2-7X ROI
on Leanpath purchase.

Working with thousands of kitchens around the world,
Leanpath has empowered culinary teams to prevent over

71 million pounds of food waste

since 2014 alone

Leanpath - In the News

Leanpath Food Waste Intelligence Blog

The latest from our blog, tracking news and best practices in food waste prevention

Leanpath is now a Certified B Corporation

Leanpath is pleased to announce we are now a Certified B Corporation®–joining only 3,400 other companies around the globe that are committed to balancing purpose and profit.

Leanpath introduces a new way to understand your food donations

Preventing food waste—actually stopping it from being created in the first place—is the most financially and environmentally effective solution available to foodservice organizations. But when edible excess food still occurs and can’t be repurposed internally, donation is the next best thing.

When food is wasted, labor is wasted. Foodservice can't afford that, particularly now.

Food waste is a $1 trillion global problem and a significant source of lost profits for the industry. But it's not just the cost of the food that's lost: kitchens also waste labor inventorying, preparing, serving and ultimately discarding that wasted food.

Take control of your food waste

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