The 360-AI Tracker.
Artificial Intelligence powered
food waste tracking.

Image captured /// Food waste automatically identified

Save time and increase food waste tracking accuracy with cutting edge AI technology

With AI-powered food waste tracking, food waste is automatically identified, saving kitchens time and increasing accuracy.

How it works

1. The 360-AI Tracker captures images of food waste.

2. After a short period of training, the AI software automatically recognizes and identifies the waste.

3. Data entry is reduced, saving kitchen staff valuable time and increasing the accuracy of food waste identification.

Food Waste Identification
Food waste photos

Leanpath's food waste photos just got smarter

Leanpath has the largest database of food waste images in the world. We leverage that database to make the 360-AI food waste classification faster and more accurate.

“I’ll go through the photos and see a big full tray of Spaghetti Carbonara. As a chef you see that, you see your work. You see you’re throwing away 20, 25 rations. Apart from the shock, it helps not just me but the line staff get conscious of the waste. It opens your eyes.”
Brian Deegan
Brian Deegan
Executive Chef Hotel Alfonso XII, Seville, Spain

Our food waste photos don't just make tracking faster. They make teams smarter.

Leanpath 360 Bench Scale users already leverage the power of food waste photography to help identify the root causes of food waste. While food waste images will now train AI software, they remain tools for chefs and managers, showing them exactly the state of the excess food they are tracking.

This clarity would not be possible if photos were only captured after food is thrown away. Another benefit of this “above the bin” tracking, the 360-AI can track food destined for donation, which would not be possible if the excess was already in the bin.

Food waste tracking solutions to fit any kitchen

The 360-AI joins our suite of Trackers, the most diverse in the industry, ensuring we are able to match the right tools to your specific needs. Let’s connect to discuss how your foodservice operation can benefit from food waste prevention and which Leanpath solution is right for you.

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360BS - Slider
360 & 360-AI
Leanpath 360 Bench and 360-AI Series 3

Photo capture bench scale, now with an upgrade to AI-enabled tracking

360FS - Slider
Leanpath 360FS Food Waste Tracker
Leanpath 360 Floor Scale Series 3

Fast, integrated pre- and post-consumer food waste tracking.

Scout - Slider
Leanpath Scout
Leanpath Scout

Fully-integrated Tracker optimized for tracking in medium-volume kitchens.

Station - Slider
Leanpath Station Food Waste Tracker
Leanpath Station

Small-footprint tracking option for any foodservice environment.

Zap - Slider
Leanpath Zap Food Waste Tracker
Leanpath Tablet

Small-footprint tracking option for any foodservice environment.

Go - Slider
Leanpath Go

Mobile Tracker built to track portioned items quickly and easily.

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In a brief call, a Leanpath food waste expert can help you understand the problem of food waste, create a custom review of what you can save by preventing food waste in your kitchens and discuss the best Leanpath solution for your operation.

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