LeanPath 360FS

LeanPath 360FS is a floor scale-based solution that fits seamlessly into your workflow, automatically recording wasted food as it’s discarded.

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Your food waste bin just got a lot smarter.

With LeanPath 360FS, your food waste bin sits directly on top of a scale that’s connected to a touchscreen terminal. When team members deposit wasted food into the bin, the smart meter automatically registers the weight change and initiates a transaction. The user answers a few quick questions about what they’re throwing away and why, and they’re on their way.

LeanPath 360FS automatically captures the weight of the waste and time of the transaction. The user specifies the food item being discarded, after which LeanPath 360FS will display the food waste’s approximate monetary value and environmental impact. Sites can also choose to record additional data dimensions, such as the reason for the waste, who recorded it, and the source of the waste. If a user doesn’t have time to characterize the waste, LeanPath 360FS will still record the weight of the waste and time of the transaction.

LeanPath 360FS works with most standard waste bins. Bin not included with system.

The Advantages of LeanPath 360FS

Complete Waste Capture

Whether a user characterizes the waste or not, LeanPath 360FS will always record at least the weight of food waste when food is discarded into its bin, so you won’t miss anything.

Plate Waste Tracking

Because of its floor scale-based form factor, LeanPath 360FS makes recording plate waste just as easy as kitchen waste, giving you insight into your customers’ dining habits.

Simple Waste Entry

With LeanPath 360FS’s integrated bin, users don’t have to indicate the container their food waste is in, making recording waste quicker and easier than ever.

Intuitive analytics at your fingertips.

LeanPath 360FS is powered by LeanPath Online, a robust web-based reporting dashboard. Use LeanPath Online to analyze top wasted foods, top loss reasons, and much more, identifying areas ripe for improvement. Users can also take advantage of our push-based email reports and alerts to highlight opportunities and educate staff.


Find out what LeanPath 360FS can do for your operation.

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