Be part of the solution

Become part of the Leanpath team and help ensure a sustainable future by eliminating food waste

Leanpath offers exciting career opportunities for talented individuals to become part of the food waste prevention movement.

Join our global team and help us on our mission to make food waste prevention everyday practice in the world’s kitchens.

We operate from offices in Portland, Oregon; London; Barcelona; and Melbourne.

What our team loves about working at Leanpath

“I love helping the chefs I work with reach their goals. I feel like I am really helping to make a difference in the world by focusing on the global crisis of food waste–that’s a feeling I never had before working at Leanpath.”

Robb White

Robb White

Executive Chef & Food Waste Prevention Catalyst

“Fighting food waste on a daily basis by helping customers to understand what they are wasting, and why, and then supporting them to reduce it is extremely rewarding.”

Helene Wennerström

Helene Wennerström

Customer Success Manager, EMEA

“At Leanpath we are constantly innovating and we never settle for just “good enough”. I love working alongside a team of extremely talented, passionate (and fun!) food waste warriors.”

Brennan Hogan

Brennan Hogan

Product Manager
At Leanpath we believe:

Food is central to our lives and to our world–it’s a precious resource that is too good to be wasted.

At Leanpath we believe:
Big Challenges Require Strong Collaboration

We collaborate easily, openly and enthusiastically with our clients and fellow food waste warriors,
because we will achieve our greatest results together.

At Leanpath we believe:
Constant Innovation is Essential

Food waste is too big of a problem to ever accept “good enough”
so we are driven to provide more innovative and effective solutions every day.

At Leanpath we believe:
We Achieve Our Best with Diversity and Balance

We value self-awareness and diversity of backgrounds and perspectives.
We value the health of ourselves and our colleagues.

At Leanpath we believe:
Culinary Teams are the Food Waste Change Makers

We give our best to supporting chefs and front-line foodservice teams,
because we know that they are the true changemakers.

At Leanpath we believe:
Environmental Stewardship is our Responsibility

We minimize our impact on the world by making mindful decisions
at work, at home, and by educating others.

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Careers at Leanpath

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