Proven food waste solutions for
Contract Management & Multi-Site Accounts

Because global accounts need a turnkey solution that deploys at scale

Large, global foodservice companies run highly complex organizations that can cross segments, from healthcare and higher education to corporate accounts and sports venues. To tackle food waste at that scale, Leanpath has developed tools that allow in-depth success reporting and monitoring across multiple sites and geographies, giving clear visibility into program deployment, engagement and success. And with the most experience and expertise of any food waste solution provider, Leanpath has earned the trust of some of the most respected foodservice brands in the world.

“Food waste is one of the biggest scandals of our lifetime. Food waste is insidious because it’s invisible if we don’t want to see it. Data can make that waste more visible. Leanpath will help us make food waste visible.”
Denis Machuel

You can take control of food waste

There is unrelenting pressure on global foodservice businesses. And many of those forces are outside a company’s control: Food costs are set by the market, labor costs are largely set by regulation, and consumer attitudes are driven by the culture. The good news: you can take control of food waste and impact forces outside your control. When you prevent food waste you:

  • Cut food purchase costs. When you are throwing away less food, you have to buy less food.
  • Make labor more efficient. When you stop purchasing and prepping food that just gets thrown out, your labor hours are used more efficiently.
  • You address consumer preference for sustainable brands. When you stop wasting food you stop adding needlessly to your company’s carbon footprint.
“We realized strong results—a 50% overall reduction in food waste–across the pilot locations in healthcare, higher education and business dining.”
Kathy Cacciola, Aramark
Kathy Cacciola
Vice President, Enterprise Sustainability

See compliance and reporting from one site to many

For multi-site, global operations it is critical to ensure that when a new tool is purchased and widely deployed, there is compliance with its use. When contract management companies or other large, multi-site organizations deploy Leanpath, they get unparalleled reporting and insight into usage and success by individual site, by regional deployment, or in customized site groups. Meet corporate-wide food waste prevention goals with detailed data to back it up.

“Today we have 129 cafes participating in the Leanpath program across 11 countries. Since the start of the partnership, these efforts have saved a total of three million pounds of food.”
Kristen Rainey, Google
Kristen Rainey
Global Procurement & Resources Utilization Manager
"As the leader of a department, you have more data through Leanpath, and you didn't have to spend time putting it together. Leanpath helps you run your business better."
Admir Pavlovic
Food Operations Manager
IKEA West Chester

Support at every step

Food waste prevention is new to many kitchens, and new to many large foodservice organizations. Leanpath supports training and coaching at the site level, and organizational alignment at the company level. Our Customer Success team can set up dedicated account managers who can help establish corporate KPIs, ensure proper reporting and guide multi-site rollouts to meet company needs.

Address food waste at scale

Working with Leanpath across 129 cafes and 11 countries (and growing!), Google has saved a total of 3 million pounds of food from going to the landfill.

Roll out a solution site by site around the globe

Sodexo automated its food waste tracking program WasteWatch, creating WasteWatch powered by Leanpath. It is rolling the program out to 3,000 sites worldwide. We visited two U.S. cities to understand their success in preventing food waste with Leanpath.

IKEA Switzerland - Lyssach

50% food waste reduction in 1 year.
Engaging staff and adjusting production.

IKEA USA - Burbank

You have to know what you’re wasting.
And how it drives food waste prevention.

IKEA USA - West Chester

4,689 meals saved in 1 year.
Reduced waste by 74% by cooking smaller batches.

Share these resources with your culinary team
and get started preventing food waste today

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Culinary teams to prevent food waste.

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Let’s chat

In a brief call, a Leanpath food waste expert can help you understand the problem of food waste, create a custom review of what you can save by preventing food waste in your kitchens and discuss the best Leanpath solution for your operation.

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