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Because fast-paced F&B programs require an efficient solution

Hospitality foodservice is a critical element of the guest experience and a direct reflection of a hotel or casino’s brand. At the same time, food and labor costs have to be controlled and sustainable practices need to be showcased. Leanpath’s food waste prevention platform gives hospitality kitchens confidence that they are meeting guest needs without generating waste. Hospitality brands can live their sustainability mission, with data to back it up.

“You waste food every day, but you don’t know how much. Leanpath allows you to see the waste and understand where to focus your efforts to reduce it.”
Billy Wardlaw
Executive Sous Chef
Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa Edinburgh


For every $1 hotels invest in programs to reducefood waste, they save $7 in operating costs

Source: United Nation’s Champions 12.3 report

Drive waste out of your kitchen

Hotels and casinos are particularly prone to producing food waste because of the common use of buffets and catering guarantees that drive overproduction. In fact, based on Leanpath data, about 53% of a typical hospitality kitchen’s food waste is generated through overproduction. The good news? You can take control of overproduction when you track that waste with Leanpath. Your production sheets become much more precise and reliable.


Engage staff and make them more efficient

Food waste prevention engages staff in mission-driven work: they are the global change makers in the fight against food waste. With over 16 years working with hotel and casino clients, Leanpath has refined an easy and intuitive food waste prevention process that’s easy for staff to adopt. Our reporting tools also include deep analysis of staff engagement. And when changes are made to kitchen operations based on Leanpath data, staff stop purchasing and prepping food that only gets thrown out, and labor hours become more focused and efficient.

"The biggest surprise has been how my team, from stewards to cooks, really latched onto [reducing food waste]. Not only did they embrace it, they started making recommendations.”
Charles Charbonneau
Executive Chef
Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort
"We [talk to staff about] how much it means as an environmental and community service. We have huge staff engagement."
Ryan Hetherington
Executive Sous Chef
Hilton San Diego Bayfront

A “property to portfolio” solution

Leanpath drives food waste prevention kitchen by kitchen, with a focus on changing staff behavior that leads to food waste. But the Leanpath food waste prevention platform is optimized for an entire global enterprise, allowing large hospitality brands to gain visibility and ensure compliance across their portfolio. Simple and intuitive tools for kitchens, plus deep multi-site reporting capabilities, all combined with our expert customer coaching and support.

“The whole exercise has bolstered our competitive edge. Not having to increase our prices to compensate for cost of goods: that’s given us a head start above our competitors.”
Sean Collins
Executive Chef, Novotel Brisbane

Meet your sustainability goals–with data to back it up

Located just outside Washington, DC, The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City is part of the global Marriott brand, which has committed to reducing its food waste by 50% by 2025. Working with Leanpath, Pentagon City has already exceeded that goal.

Watch how they achieved a 54% reduction in food waste.


Reduce buffet waste

Read how the Novotel Brisbane cut food waste by 66% by managing it’s breakfast buffet more efficiently.

Refine production sheets

Marriott’s Hotel Alfonso XIII cut it’s food waste by 66% by using Leanpath data to hone production levels. Find out how.


The Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa Edinburgh

64% reduction in food waste.
Success targeting staff dining.

Hilton San Diego Bayfront

51% reduction in food waste.
Leanpath data showed the team what they were wasting and why.

Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City

54% reduction in food waste.
Leanpath data showed a quick and profitable win for the team.

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