LeanPath 360

The LeanPath 360 food waste smart meter is the most complete,
automated solution for high-volume operations.

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LeanPath Tracker 2.2

The LeanPath Tracker 2.2 is a state-of-the-art food waste tracking terminal that includes a built-in scale, camera, and touchscreen user interface. Before throwing away any food waste (overproduction, expired items, trimmings, etc.), a culinary team member places the food on the scale, the camera takes a picture of the waste, and the user answers a few questions, with just a few short taps. That data is then automatically transmitted in real-time to the LeanPath Online Reporting Dashboard.

LeanPath Online Reporting Dashboard

This is your one-stop resource to view all of your food waste, organized into insightful charts and graphs. We highlight the most actionable opportunities to prevent waste, like your top wasted foods, top loss reasons, dayparts, stations and more. You can click on any of the charts to drill-down for more details and photos of the waste items. You can also set up email alerts tied to specific waste parameters and will receive a weekly summary of your top waste opportunities right in your inbox. Monitoring your food waste has never been so easy.

LeanPath Training & Waste Coaching

Take your results to the next level with our team of trainers and coaches who have years of collective insight working with operations to spot opportunities, set goals and drive down food waste. Whether you choose video training or on-location training, we’ll make sure you’re successful from the start. We’ll be your partner in waste reduction, helping you to achieve and exceed your goals.

What Clients Are Saying

  • “Last year commodity prices increased, in some cases as much as 8%. Through the use of the LeanPath System, I’ve seen a marked reduction in food costing. It’s because of the LeanPath System and our awareness of what’s going on that we’ve been able to decrease it.”

    — Garett DiStefano, Director of Residential Dining at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

  • “I expected to the amount of waste to decrease a little bit, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the continued success we are seeing. With the LeanPath program, we have been able to reduce waste by 70-80%.”

    — Certified Executive Chef Thomas Sacksteder, Gundersen Lutheran Health System


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