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Take Control

Take control of your plate waste

The Leanpath Food Waste Prevention Platform

Understand your plate waste and Spark engagement

Leanpath’s plate waste solution helps you understand how much food waste is generated from diners, and engages those customers as well as staff in being more efficient. With our robust Floor Scale Tracker and exclusive Spark digital signage, post-consumer food waste is tracked and more efficient habits are triggered through cutting-edge behavioral science techniques.

TRACK plate waste.

Leanpath 360 Floor Scale Tracker measures plate scrapings automatically, with no user interaction required, meaning plate waste can be tracked in the front of the house as well as in the kitchen.


DISCOVER plate waste insights.

Data from your plate waste Tracker is transformed into clear insights with Leanpath Online, our powerful, cloud-based analytics dashboard. See the total plate waste levels, the cost of that waste and even the amount of waste per meal. 

DRIVE engagement and reduction with Leanpath Spark

Leanpath Spark brings food waste information to life on displays, combining high-impact messaging with real-time feedback loops. Spark may be installed in the front-of-house to educate consumers, or in the back-of-house to inform kitchen staff about  food waste priorities. Created in partnership with behavioral science experts, the data-driven signage draws on proven engagement techniques to raise consumer awareness and spark behavior changes to help reduce food waste levels.


Let’s chat

In a brief call, a Leanpath food waste expert can help you understand the problem of food waste, create a custom review of what you can save by preventing food waste in your kitchens and discuss the best Leanpath solution for your operation.

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