Boost restaurant profits by cutting your food waste

Leanpath is where sustainability meets profitability

Razor-thin margins are challenging for every restaurant.
You work hard to control food costs, but you may be missing a key ingredient:
food waste prevention



For every $1 restaurants invest in programs to reduce food waste, they save $7 in operating costs

Finally understand exactly how much food — and profits — are being wasting

The first step in preventing food waste is understanding what’s being wasted, and Leanpath’s automated food waste tracking tools make it fast and easy. You simply can’t get full visibility into your food waste stream with pen and paper tracking. 


Provide your managers actionable data and insights they need to drive efficiency

Restaurants use food waste data to boost efficiency by optimizing inventory, reducing overordering and overproduction, and adjusting menus based on customer preferences. This data-driven approach not only cuts costs but also aligns with sustainable business practices, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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9 out of 10 Leanpath customers say Leanpath’s intelligent food waste prevention platform helps save money

Source: Leanpath customer survey 

Food waste Trackers optimized for busy restaurants

Leanpath makes food waste measurement fast and easy with a range of Trackers to fit any kitchen. From mobile devices that track waste by the item to robust tools with integrated scales to track by weight, Leanpath’s flexible and intelligent food waste prevention platform adapts to unique restaurant needs.


Why Food Waste Prevention Should be Your Top Sustainability Initiative

The decision to adopt sustainable practices in restaurants is an easy one. The decision on exactly what sustainable practices to adopt can be more difficult. Restaurants need to ensure their efforts are meaningful and that the effort doesn’t put pressure on already thin margins.



Find out how food waste prevention delivers triple-bottom-line financial, environmental and social benefits—fast!

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