What are “food waste prevention savings”?

Leanpath’s food waste prevention savings calculator uses basic data points to automatically generate your potential savings in terms of value, weight, and environmental equivalencies. Use your estimate from the savings calculator as a catalyst to start a conversation, educate your staff, understand your return on investment and build a business case for food waste prevention.

Food waste prevention—unlike food waste “diversion” to the landfill, compost, or donation—stops food waste from being created in the first place. When a kitchen does that, it can stop purchasing food that it knows will only be thrown away. It can stop putting labor and operating costs toward preparing food that just gets tossed in the bin. And it can stop paying to have all that preventable food waste hauled away, helping the bottom line and the planet.

Those are “food waste prevention savings”. And that’s what Leanpath delivers with its food waste prevention platform.

Take back 2-8% of food costs
Save on labor costs
Save on disposal fees
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