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Take control of your food waste

Technology that makes food waste prevention easy

Leanpath makes food waste prevention solutions for all foodservice settings. Our in-kitchen food waste trackers allow you to easily and immediately see the financial and environmental impact of that waste, educating staff on the spot. Data is automatically uploaded to Leanpath Online, our powerful, cloud-based analytics platform that directs clear and actionable insights on how to prevent your waste and cut costs.


Leanpath 360

Leanpath 360 is a robust, state-of-the-art food waste tracking terminal that includes a built-in scale, camera, and touchscreen user interface. Food waste photography is a game changer: illuminating waste reasons, staff training opportunities and waste data validation in a way simple numbers can’t do. Combined with deep data analysis, the 360 brings high visibility to food waste and engages your staff at the same time.


Kitchens that want the most detailed, pre-consumer food waste tracking available.

Leanpath 360FS

Leanpath 360FS is a floor scale smart meter that automatically records wasted food as it is discarded, saving time and seamlessly integrating with the kitchen workflow. Food types, waste sources, loss reasons, and other data can be tracked, but is forgiving to users who may not have time to characterize a transaction.

Fast, integrated pre- and post-consumer food waste tracking.
Leanpath 360 Floor Scale
Leanpath Zap

Leanpath Zap

Leanpath Zap is our proprietary food waste tracking software installed on a tablet device. A small-footprint option for any foodservice environment. Set up a tracking station next to a kitchen scale or use it to record quantities. A fast, customizable option.


Smaller operations with space constraints or budget limitations.

Leanpath Spark

Leanpath Spark incorporates our floor scale and digital signage integration for food waste tracking, education, and action. Track post-consumer waste and educate consumers on the impact they can have by helping to reduce it. Finally, a way to drive behavior change to reduce post-consumer food waste.


All-you-care-to-eat operations seeking to educate their diners and change behavior.

Leanpath Online

Leanpath Online

Leanpath food waste trackers automatically feed data into our powerful back-end analytics platform. Data is presented in clear, easy to understand reports and infographics, which allow you to understand why food waste is happening and the best ways to prevent it.


Leanpath Coaching


Ongoing customer success coaching, on-demand technical support, and insightful waste analytics consulting.


Customized email alerts let you know what’s happening in your kitchen in real time.


Get complete reviews of your food waste prevention efforts delivered straight to your inbox in clear, actionable daily and weekly reports.

See why so many foodservice and hospitality leaders use Leanpath.

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