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Take Control
Take control of your food waste

You manage what you measure

The first step in the Track-Discover-Drive solution for food waste prevention is measurement: tracking your food waste so you know what you’re wasting. We make this fast and easy with a suite of food waste Trackers built to meet any kitchen’s need, scale and budget.

360 & 360-AI

Leanpath 360 and 360-AI

Our flagship food waste tracking station with integrated camera, scale and display. And now, easily upgrade to AI-powered auto classification, saving time and increasing accuracy. The 360 image capture allows chefs to see what is being wasted and why in a way they can’t with data alone. With the 360-AI, those photos still educate kitchen teams, but also train AI software to identify food waste automatically!


360: High volume kitchens that want the most detailed food waste tracking available.

360-AI: High volume kitchens with standardized menus who are looking for the fastest most accurate food waste tracking available. Learn more.

Leanpath 360FS

Our floor scale Tracker seamlessly integrates is perfect for the highest-volume kitchens, where disposal speed across complex menus is critical.


Fast, integrated pre- and post-consumer food waste tracking.

Leanpath 360 Floor Scale
Leanpath Scout

Leanpath Scout

A food waste Tracker that fits the bill for medium-volume kitchens. It’s smaller footprint let’s Scout fit easily into a busy kitchen, whilet’s integrated scale allows for fast, easy tracking. A lightweight option that drives big food waste reduction and quick ROI.


Lower-volume central kitchens, secondary and satellite kitchens, including catering.

Leanpath Tablet

Our food tracking application available in a  tablet-only solution.. Great for low-volume or satellite operations. For use with a separate scale or by  tracking items by quantity. Convenient and flexible.


Smaller operations with space constraints or budget limitations.

Leanpath Zap

Leanpath Go

Leanpath Go is a mobile, tablet-only Tracker that allows you to measure food waste quickly by the quantity, instead of by weight. Specifically designed for operations with pre-packaged menu items. A picture-based menu, and fast multi-item tracking allows for quick and easy food waste measurement that goes where you go.


Grab-and-go, QSRs, coffee shops and convenience stores.

Leanpath Spark

Leanpath Spark incorporates our floor scale and digital signage integration for food waste tracking, education, and action. Track post-consumer waste and educate consumers on the impact they can have by helping to reduce it. Finally, a way to drive behavior change to reduce post-consumer food waste.


All-you-care-to-eat operations seeking to educate their diners and change behavior.

Learn how Leanpath empowers the full Track - Discover - Drive solution for food waste prevention.

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