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Leanpath and the James Beard Partnership in preventing food waste

Leanpath is the James Beard Foundation’s official food waste tracking partner and provides tracking technology and analytics through its James Beard Program in support of the “Waste Not” campaign’s “Creating a Full-Use Kitchen” curriculum for culinary professionals.

Instructors and students can educate themselves on the critical role measurement plays in understanding and preventing food waste. Commercial kitchens that install Leanpath technology see an average 50 percent reduction in their food waste levels in one year.

With the Leanpath 12.3 Initiative and the James Beard partnership, Leanpath extends its commitment to reducing global food waste by providing tools and technology to organizations that are focused on the prevention of food waste.

To participate in the James Beard food waste tracking educational program, click the button to login.

For more information on Leanpath’s James Beard partnership and programs that may be available for your organization, please visit the Leanpath 12.3 Initiative page on this site, or contact Leanpath for assistance. You can start your own food waste prevention program, let Leanpath solutions guide that journey. Visit our blog for more food waste prevention inspirations.

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